What are the engagement costs?
The total cost will depend on what you are looking to accomplish and your practice area needs. Contact us for specific requirements and needs.

How do I know you won’t share my confidential information with my competitors?
We are bound by the confidentiality agreement that both parties will sign. Your proprietary information will never be compromised. That being said, information in the public domain is not considered proprietary.

How long will the engagement last?
This depends on the nature of the engagement. Most engagements are open ended due to the fact that we provide ongoing trending analysis and match this against your changing data offerings. However, you are in control of the engagement and can cancel with a 60 day notice.

What is required of me to get set up the plan and what are my monthly requirements?
The more information you can provide our team, the better the analysis. However, once we are up and running you will only need to provide us with changes to your data (such as new products or discontinued products, etc).

How much will business benefit from this service?
That depends on that nature of the engagement. However, we will offer solutions to reduce staff work loads which gain internal advantages as well as strategies for selling more products and selecting the correct products to offer. In the end you will see a tangible difference in your business by implementing the strategies we offer.

Are there other fees?
Possibly. If you need services outside the scope of our agreement there can be additional fees. If you want us to handle the product file management & analysis, there will be an additional advertising fee that will allow us to confirm the best naming conventions.