Winning Trumps Home Runs

Think about it.

Would it be beneficial to your bottom line if you knew exactly how many products were in a niche market, the average price and price range of those competing products and if customer demand was increasing, decreasing or flat before going to production on a new product?


Most furniture, home decor & lighting companies offer 1000’s of products. Success is not about a single best seller. Success is finding lots of products that sell well. To use a baseball analogy, Home runs are fun to watch, but I’d rather win the game with base hits.

That is one of the foundational principles of our business.

We want to help you maximize the right product mix in the most favorable product areas.

In some cases, offering new products in a less competitive growth areas will results in new business. In other cases, offering products in the lesser of 3 highly competitive areas will yield results.

It depends on a few things:
1) How many competitors and products exist in an area?
2) What are the price points of the market?
3) Can I effectively compete in this area and hold the margins I need to?
4) Are there enough customers looking for products in this area?

In the past, these questions were not answered easily and even with the best strategy consulting companies, they were hard to quantify.

But things have changed.

Today . . .
We have access to larger amounts of product competition and price competition data.

We have access to large amounts of customer behavior data.

We can breakdown customer behavior, product competition and price competition to find where the very best opportunities exist.

Like never before, we can breakdown and understand product mirco niches.

Imagine if we mapped the categories where you compete and showed you only the best of the best opportunities based on competition, price and customer search data.