Selling Online? Don’t Miss the Opportunities

Whether online or offline methods are used, the purpose of marketing is to drive profits (the bottomline). The main focus of your online marketing dollars should be spent driving sales through your ecommerce clients.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but here are some innovative ways to transform this thinking into tangible action.


1) Control your brand through your data file.

Most companies miss this piece of the puzzle. The internet turns everything into a commodity. If you produce higher quality decorative products, you will be lumped in and be viewed side by side with cheaper, lesser quality products. Accept it, but do something about it. Modify your product names to include the highest related searched terms. Your products will be more easily found through search engines and are listed in the best places on your client’s websites. In the end, this will help buyers quickly find your products.  Also consider adding bullet points to your product descriptions to explain the uniqueness and quality of your products in user-friendly format. The reason: Customers don’t read romance copy. They read bullet points. Use your points to stand out.


2) Strategically research your online and brick and mortar accounts.

Good old fashion research is what needs to be done. Find your top 25 online and brick and mortar accounts. Find the top products selling in those accounts. Engage these clients and look for ways to build on what’s working and sell more of your great products.

–  Go beyond providing your customer accounts with a list of your best sellers.  Provide meaningful industry research that demonstrates your products are in sync with consumer demand and consumer buying trends.  (We can help you with that.)

– Ask clients what prices or styles are selling and give them examples of your products that fit those categories.

– Recommend online key word strategies to help attract more customers to their sites.


3) Be easier to do business with than your competition.

Many manufacturers have tried to fit the internet into the “way they have always done it.” This doesn’t work. The Internet is not going away.  Embrace its strengths to grow your business, your revenues and the revenues of your customer accounts. Here are just a few things manufactures can do to better serve their brick and mortar and ecommerce accounts.

– Embrace Fedex-able / UPS-able items.

– Don’t just say you have low damage rates, invest in the resources to keep damage rates low.

– Help your brick and mortar stores make strong product inventory selections by arming them with relevant consumer demand trends.

– Better understand your ecommerce clients margins. Determine the average shipping cost per product, your map price and price your products accordingly.