The Ecommerce Channel. It’s Getting Bigger

Most lighting, home decor and furniture companies went through the 3 phases of selling on the internet:

1) Phase one: Jump.
Companies jumped in and figured it was an easy way get more business.

2) Phase two: Houston, we have a problem.
Companies had to figure out how to handle this increase in customer service and problems.

3) Phase three: This isn’t paradise.
With increased shipping problems, price pressures and other new problems, companies had to figure out for themselves, “How much do I need to to put into selling online?”

The short answer: It’s going to get bigger.

Here’s why.

Most lighting, home decor and furniture companies (aside from Ikea) make products that will be consumed by 30 to 60 year old adults.

Today, the largest group of “buyers” on the internet are 20-30 year old adults.

We don’t need a crystal ball to see that a large demographic of “Pre-Conditioned” internet buyers are on the horizon and will want to continue buy online.

The questions now become:
1) What can we do to differentiate our products against the competition?
2) How can we use are data file (what we send to ecommerce companies) to sell more products?
3) Should we have a different strategy for selling online?

As the internet continues to grow, companies must answer these questions and implement effective changes.

In the end, those companies that embrace future online growth and make themselves easier to do business with online will stand in the forefront of the industry.