The power of data

Unlike research in the past where data was scarce the opposite is true today. The amount of user data is increasing and its relative size makes it a very valuable resource.

By studying what customers are searching for and understanding the competitive landscapes, your company can make better informed decisions about the products you offer.

We can now break down product market into smaller micro niches. And within these micro niches we can see exactly who the competition is, the price points of the products, the mean price, the level of customer interest within markets and what direction this interest is heading.

For example, let’s say we produced decorative floor lamps. Would it be valuable to know that contemporary style floor lamp searches are receiving twice as many searches per month in the U.S. as an asian style floor lamp? What if we know that aged bronze floor lamps searches have increased at 50% over the last year while steel finishes are flat?

The great thing about the internet is now we can see exactly where customer product interest is trending. Now we can see exactly who is competing in those spaces and the retail prices of those products.

Today, with the right tools, we can actually MAP micro niches within the consumer product landscape (e.g. living room furniture or bedroom furniture).

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