In the current retail marketplace, we know that competition is fierce and market share is not easy to come by.  We also know that technology can give us advantages that we could only dream of ten years ago.


Data Trends Analysis:
With our Data Trends Analysis we find the most favorable opportunities or areas where you can compete based on trending customer interest, competition levels and product pricing. This analysis is performed in conjunction with our Product Offering Analysis and is conducted prior to your product selection process (usually two times per year, depending upon your new product development life cycle). For the two months leading up to your product selection process, we will create data files based on the markets where you compete and your product offerings.

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Product Offering Analysis:
In the Product Offering Analysis we analyze your products against the results of the Data Trending analysis, finding the best opportunities based on your strengths and market position. This analysis is performed in conjunction with our Data Trend Analysis and is conducted prior to your product selection process. As a result, we will deliver an Opportunities analysis along with any supplementary analysis based your product direction.

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Data Product File Analysis and Branding:
This analysis is performed in between the product selection analysis.  We match your products against the highest search terms and update your data file based on how your product and product attributes match up against what customers are searching for. With this research, we will create suggested names and suggested attributes that allow you to promote your brand to the end consumer and differentiate yourself against lower price pressures.

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Customer Account Analytics:
This analysis is a combination of an upfront analysis and a subsequent ongoing monthly analysis. Our upfront analysis will breakdown your existing customer accounts and determine exactly how they are competing. In the ongoing monthly analysis we help you acquire the best customers, understanding their online and offline strategies and how your product offering can help positively impact their business.

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About Us

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to your bottom line if you knew exactly how many competitor products were in the niche markets where you compete?

What if you knew the average price and price range of those competing products?

Do you want to know if customer demand is increasing, decreasing or flat in a niche market before going to production on a new product?

Wouldn’t you like to know if you should expand your product offering within existing markets or get into a new market all together?

What if you knew which of your competitors’ products were “Best Sellers” and in what markets?

These questions and others are what we answer every day for our customers.

Our Story:

At Strategic Advance, we combine our background in “big four” strategy consulting with our proven experience building multiple ecommerce sites in various industry verticals to deliver dynamic practices areas to our clients. Based on this unique combination, we provide sophisticated customer and product data analysis through the lens of our real world experience of selling lighting, home decor and furniture products and successfully competing online.

Here is what we have found:

Even with large increases in internet related sales, most manufactures and importers are not leveraging the valuable customer and product attribute data to capture more market share both on and off line. As a result, our practice areas provide straight forward, tangible analysis to understand real customer buying behaviors and help manufactures find the best opportunities in the market and capitalize on them.

Our Guarantees:

We will provide solutions that help you understand exactly where the best new product opportunities exist.

We will show you which of your competitors’ products are selling well.

We will help your team maximize profitability by positioning yourselves effectively. Filling demand, not just competing.

We will help you grow your company’s business by effectively growing & managing your existing sales channels.

Call today and have us show you how you can achieve real results.

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

We help home decor, lighting and furniture manufacturers increase their business by:
– Understanding customer trends,
– Identifying the best opportunities for new products offerings,
– Analyzing sales and product data,
– Managing customer accounts more effectively.

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